Bradenburg Gate

One of the Berlin landmarks. Germany.


Tacheles gallery visit. Berlin, Germany.

Bruges night

Still waters in Bruges nights. Belgium.

Teylingen Castle

Party on the castle, Teylingen, in Voorhout, Netherlands.

Church of our Lady Bruges

Night light show in Bruges. Belgium.

Bruges central square

Snippet of Bruges central square. Belgium.

Monument Detail

Small details on monument in Bruges central square. Belgium.

Robson & Carla

Looking over the Versailles Gardens, Paris, France.

North Summer

Totem in Abisko, Sweden, North Polar Circle.

T Zand

One of the many Bruges monuments. Belgium.


One of the many view points of the Atomuim monument. Brussels, Belgium.

Barlos and Gramvousa

This is Barlos Beach and Gramvousa (the islands) in Crete north western coast. Greece.


Looking towards north, while descending to Barlos. Crete, Greece.

Xania Lighthouse

Lighthouse sitting on the city center. Xania, Crete, Greece.

Tzagaroli Monastery

In Crete, several monasteries offer time travel experiences, here there is also a winery. Xania region, Crete, Greece.

War in Berlin

The monument for the russian soldier in the Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany.

Palace Garden Detail.

Rundāle Palace, Pilsrundāle, Latvia.

Eiffel Tower

Look of the Eiffel Tower from Tour Montparnasse.


Enigma Machine, the cryptographic tool from the germans on WWII, seen in the Atlantikwal Museum, Oostende, Belgium.


Snippet of the Amiens Cathedral, built between 1220 and 1270. Amiens, France.

Paris Subway

I'd be lying if I knew what station is that now, but is one of the many Paris subway stops. France.

Paris Churchs

One detail of many of France's churchs.

Eiffel Nights

Walking around the Eiffel tower at night is full of awesome views.