Abisko Tourist Station

One of the starting points of the Kungsleden trail, north polar circle, Abisko region, Sweden.

Trail Companions

Fabian and Regis, the other two during my Kungsleden visit. Abisko region, Sweden.


In a place so dangerous during winter, shelters are a common place. Kungsleden, Sweden.


Regis hiking in Abiskojaure region. Kungsleden, Sweden.


Fabian crossing one of the many interesting bridges. Kungsleden, Sweden.


Fabian following the snaky river. Kungsleden, Sweden.

Serra Fina

Ascending a section of Mantiqueira range, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Renato mid ascent

Renato basking in the heights of Mantiqueira range, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

On Top

Up 2797mts of Pedra da Mina, mid Mantiqueira Range. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Itatiaia Massif

Viewing from Serra Fina range, look into Agulhas Negras and the whole Itatiaia Massif in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Beach Boldering

Training while on the beach. Ponta Negra region, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Marins Peak

Looking at one of the shoulders of Peak of Marins, Mantiqueira Range, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Round Rock

Interesting rock formation, of a massive boulder sitting in a mounting range, Mantiqueira Range, Sao Paulo, Brazil.